Wireless Temperature Monitor (Wireless Thermometer)

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Wireless Temperature Monitor (Wireless Thermometer)
Wireless Temperature Monitor 
Model No.: IN4-ST323

Suitable: Long term care person and kids
Temperature scale: Celsius and Fahrenheit
Effective distance: 50M in an open space
Temperature measurement interval: Transmitter measures temperature every 15 seconds.
Certificated: CE and FDA
Product Introduction
Size Transmitter: 2.4x1.6x0.72 in
Receiver: 2.85x2.85x0.9 in
Product material Transmitter: ABS
Receiver: ABS
Type of battery Transmitter: 3V CR2032 x1
Receiver: AAA/ 1.5V x2
Life of batteries Transmitter: Approx. 500 hrs
Receiver: Approx. 200 hrs
Backlight Backlight will be ON for 5 seconds when you press any button
Effective distance for
Transmiter and Receiver
160 feet distancen (Approx.50m) in an open space. If there are objects in that 
space. The transmission distance will be affected.
Range of temperature settings 10~43 oC (50~109.4 oF)
Temperature accuracy +/- 0.1 oC / 0.2 oF between 32~43 oC (89.6~109.4 oF)
+/- 0.5 oC / 1.0 oF beyond above range
Storage condition Temperature: -10~60 oC (14~140 oF) / Humidity: 30~80% RH
Temperature measurement interval Transmitter measures body temperature once every 15 seconds
Transmitting signal When transmitter detects body temperature exceeding the High-Low range three (3) times in a row, it transmits a signal to the receiver to sound an alarm.
Sound of receiver alam Low: Long BiBiBi
High: Short BiBiBi
Frequency of transmission 2.4G
Memory function 200 sets
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