Solar High Power Animal Repellent

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Solar High Power Animal Repellent
Solar High Power Animal Repellent

Solar rechargeable battery
Animal repellent
Bluetooth function
Wide extended detection range

Model No.: IN4-UP16F
Certificated CE

Product Introduction
1. Power by solar.
2. Equipped with bluetooth.
3. Allows to monitor the current status and modify the output or frequency by smartphone.
4. Equipped with infrared sensor with wide extended detection range.
5. Emits preset sonic or ultrasonic to repel the unwanted animal.
6. Emits strong flashes to enhance the repelling effects.
7. Built-in charging battery can store energy for night usage.

Frequency range 2000~32000 Hz
Solar panel 70 mA x 1 pc
Dimension (mm) 220x195x175
Weight (g) 892 g (main unit + pole)

Frequency range detail
(This product has frequency range of 2000~32000 Hz with 8 separate levels)
2000~4000 Hz Bullfrog, Tree Frog, Chicken, Fish, Mosquito
4000~6000 Hz Fly, Bird, Mountain Pig, Pig
6000~8000 Hz Cockatiel, Parakeet, Canary
8000~10000 Hz Elephant
10000~14000 Hz Deer, Sheep, Horses, Cow, Owl
14000~18000 Hz Monkey, Rat
18000~24000 Hz Dog, Cat, Insect, Chinchilla
24000~32000 Hz Rabbit, Hedgehog, Raccoon, Ferret, Bat
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