UV and Nano Ultrasonic Dental Cleaner

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UV and Nano Ultrasonic Dental Cleaner
Multifunction UV and Nano Ultrasonic Dental Cleaner
Model No.: IN4-UP32A


Product Introduction
1. The product is applying the newest vibration and sterilization effect in cleaning dentures, jewelry
    toothbrush and so on. It's vibration reachs 15,000 times per minute in order to power away stains
    from dentures, toothbrush and jewelry. in addition, we adopt the latest Japanese techniques of
    UV light sterilization and nano-silver mixture container to deodorize, sterilize and wash at one
2. This multi-function washer combines with the latest electronic sterilization technology and 
    nano-silver bacteriostasis. Specially, no consumable replacement is needed.
3. To avoid the user see the UV light directly, the power will be off and all function will be stopped
    after the main top is opened.
4. User-friendly design that the main top can magnetically close up when the users close it.

1. UV sterilization light.
2. Nano-sulver technology with ultrasonic wave.
3. High speed vibration (15,000 times per minute)
4. Small form factor.
5. Build-in power save timer: powered off automatically after 5 minutes when you turn it on UV+
    Ultrasonic washing; powered off automatically after 15 to 20 minutes when you turn it on UV
    function only.
6. User-friendly design.
7. Able to wash toothbrush.

Dimension (mm) 10.4 (L) x12.7 (W) x 10 (D)
Weight (g) 360
Vibration 18,000 times per minute
Auto off 20 munutes automatically shut-off
Power supply AA x 3 or AC adapter (Universal from 100~240 V)
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