Nasal Reliever (Anti-Allergy Therapy Device)

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Nasal Reliever (Anti-Allergy Therapy Device)
Nasal Reliever
(for Nasal Obstruction, Watery Eyes, Running Nose, Sneezing)
Model No.: IN4-SCB06
Side Effects-free & Drug Free
Product Introduction
1. Red light phototherapy: With patented dual narrow wavelengths (652 +/- 10nm and 940 +/-10nm
2. Allergy symptoms suitable for use: Nasal obstruction, Runny nose and nasal itching suitable.
3. Free of side-effects and drag interactions.
4. Simple and easy to use: One-touch operation and automatic power off.
5. Protable for travel: Only 61.6 g and easy to carry.
6. Two times per day and three minutes per use.
7. Two nose tube: Two different size nose tubes for children and adult use.
8. Dual energy for selection.

Luminate position Nostrils
Wavelengths used 652 and 940nm +/-10nm wavelenght
Emitting mode Continuous mode
Operation time Approximately 3 minutes
Emitting energy General output power of each nasal cavity is 5.3 mW
Intensive output power of each nasal cavity is 7.9 mW
Operation mode Dual buttons selection
Automatically power off About 3.0 minutes +/-20 seconds after light up
Battery type AAA x2 
Battery life General output energy is about 75 times operation
Intensive output energy is about 45 times operation
Dimension (mm) 95x78x34
Weight (g) 61.6 g (encluding battery)

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