Dust Mite Killer

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Dust Mite Killer
Dust Mites Killer
Kill 90% Dust Mite, Ultrasonic and UV Light Dust Mite Killer

Ultrasonic + UV Light
- Kill 90% dust mites

Product Introduction
1. Kill dust mites instead of repelling them.
2. Ultrasonic wave interfere with the growth cycle of dust mites.
3. UV light kills dust mites and their eggs.
4. Covers an average size bedroom.
5. Ideal for those suffering from allergies.

Frequency range 40 KHz
UV wavelenght 265 nm
Power consumption 3 W max.
Power supply AC 100~240 V, 60/50 Hz
Dimension (cm) 10.9 x 7.5 x 3.3
Weight (g) 72g
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